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Garden City CC

Team/Administrator/Special Contributor Nomination Form

Requirements for Nomination


Section 1: Coach

  • Must have been out of Garden City Community College for a minimum of five years
  • Outstanding contribution to the Garden City Community College athletic program

Section 2: Teams

  • Specific criteria: 
    • Satisfying the specific criteria automatically allows a team to be considered for nomination to the Hall of Fame following a five year eligibility period. 
    • (1) Participate in National Championship competition
  • General Criteria: 
    • A team satisfying all of the general criteria may be nominated to the Hall of Fame after a five year eligibility period
      • Must have outstanding, as evidenced by such accomplishments as recipient of various team awards and honors, school records set and statistics
      • Must have exhibited acceptable standards of conduct both during competition and as a unit as a representative of Garden City Community College

Section 3: Administrator, Contributors/Supporters, and Sports Professionals:

  • Outstanding performance as an administrator, contributor/supporter, official, sports writer, sports photographer, or other sports professional
  • Achievement so outstanding as to eliminate any question as to selection


Team Nomination Form: 

Team Honors

Team Statistics/Records

Administrator, Contributor/Supporter, and Sports Professionals Nomination Form

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